Worried about the climate crisis? So are we!

March 2022. Mothers Out Front Newton's exhibit at the Newton Library (see below) promoted its campaign for Triage and Transition — to reduce risk, pollution and waste from Newton’s 649 unrepaired gas leaks and promote clean energy, efficiency and conservation. 

Is there a leak near your home or school?  Use this map of Newton's 2021 Gas Leaks (repaired and unrepaired) Here (Updated map coming soon.)

Grade 1 leaks are potentially explosive. They must be repaired immediately. 

Grade 2 leaks are considered non-hazardous, but could become hazardous in the near future. 

Grade 3 leaks are considered non-hazardous. They are required to be repaired or eliminated within 8 years. 

Grade 3SEI leaks. Many of Newton's gas leaks are large volume super gushers that have “Significant Environmental Impact (SEI).” They measure at least 2,000 square feet, about the size of a tennis court. Some have been leaking for years! And ratepayers foot the bill, paying the utilities millions of dollars to cover the lost gas. 

2022 March MOF LIbrary Exhibit